10 Awesome Resources for Bloggers, Female Entrepreneurs & Women Business Owners

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10 Awesome Resources for Bloggers, Female Entrepreneurs & Women Business Owners

Over the past eight or so years of blogging and working on online businesses, there are a LOT of resources (books, ebooks, courses and training programs) that I’ve bought and used along the way.

Many have been hugely valuable. (Although others, not so much – which is why a good recommendation is so important!)

And there is at least a handful of resources that I’m super-quick to recommend because I just keep going back to them over and over, they’re so awesome!

The list of some of my favourite biz resources that you’ll find below are those books, ebooks, planners, groups, websites and tools that I’ve used myself and have recommended over and over to friends both IRL (In Real Life!) and online.

Each of these resources has been hugely valuable to me and that I’m sure you’ll find them a great help too, whatever stage of this biz journey you’re on.

2019 My Shining Year Biz Goals Workbook - Leonie Dawson

1.  2019 My Shining Year Biz Goals Workbook

I started out using the digital version of Leonie Dawson’s Shining Biz Workbook (along with the Life version) back in 2015. The following year – and every year since – I’ve bought the printed version, along with a new packet of fineliner pens, as an early Christmas gift to myself!!

Then some time between Christmas and January 1st, I make a planning date with myself {or even better, make a date with my biz bestie!} to dive in to this colourful and creative planning workbook to and have a whole lot of creative fun doing my biz planning for the year ahead.

Over the years I’ve recommended the Biz Workbook (and the Life version)  to friends, who’ve then bought and recommended them to their friends. We all love them!

If you enjoy getting creative {and colourful!} with your business and biz planning, I’m pretty sure you’ll love this workbook too!!

Passion Planner

2.  Passion Planner

This year was my first year using the Passion Planner. I was a little (a LOT!) envious of my friend’s gorgeous planner back at the beginning of 2017 (when we had our post-Christmas biz planning sesh!), so was super-excited when she ordered a planner for me along with her own at the end of last year.

The Passion Planner is a weekly planner with space to schedule all the biz and life things you want and need to get done each day. But it also has a whole lot of extra features, including two of my favourites: the “Passion Roadmap” and the “Monthly Reflection” pages. You can see all the features here.

So far this year, I’ve crossed off more big goals than I have in a long time. I LOVE that I can visually see this looking back on the Passion Roadmap I created at the start of the year.

If you don’t already have your 2019 planner sorted, or you’re looking for a great planner to help you achieve your life and biz goals in 2019 … The Passion Planner is an awesome way to stay on track and make your dreams happen!!

Playing Big - Tara Mohr

3.  Playing Big

There are SO many great books for female entrepreneurs, bloggers and business women! You can find a whole lot more of them here. But Tara Mohr’s book, Playing Big, is definitely one of my personal favourites.

As an expert in leadership, Tara recognised a pattern where many women with tremendous talent, ideas and aspiration were not recognising their own brilliance. They felt that they were ‘playing small’ in their lives and careers and wanted to ‘play bigger’, but didn’t know how. And so Tara devised a step-by-step programme for playing big from the inside out, resulting in both a course and this book, Playing Big.

I have a few favourite chapters in this book: “Hiding”, “Leaping”, “Callings” and “Make it Easy”. If you do buy a copy for yourself (or if you already have it on your own business bookshelf!) I’d love to know which chapters resonate most with you.

Profit First - Mike Michalowicz

4.  Profit First

In my free resource guide, this book comes under it’s own title of “The #1 book every entrepreneur should read!”. If you don’t have a copy of Profit First on your biz bookshelf or in your Kindle library, you probably should have!

In this easy-to-read and implement book, author Mike Michalowicz shows readers how to “transform your business from a cash eating monster to a money-making machine.” Who wouldn’t want that?!

Sharing case studies and step-by-step advice, with the author’s signature sense of humour, Profit First is the book that will help you create the financially successful business you’ve been dreaming of.

5.  Heart-Centred, Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs Facebook Group

The Heart-Centred, Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs Facebook group is a free group for women entrepreneurs created by business coach and mentor Tash Corbin.

If you’re looking to connect with other women online, in a space where female entrepreneurs share, learn, support and encourage each other, this group is an awesome place to start!

As I write this, the group has close to 30,000 members. Tash has created an amazing space, offering so much and so many opportunities to learn and grow your biz. And yep, totally free to join, so make sure you check it out!!

Roooar Magazine

6.  Roooar Magazine

Roooar Magazine is my favourite digital magazine for women in business!

Every issue is filled with inspirational {and educational} articles from female entrepreneurs, online business owners and great selection of successful and celebrated women.

You can sign up here to check out a free copy of the latest Roooar issue or buy individual back issues for just $2.99 each.

And if you’re a woman in business looking for support, encouragement, opportunities to learn from a range of experts, and even experience virtual co-working “Office Hours” … you might also love the Roooar Community, where a monthly or annual membership will give you access to all of these and more, along with back issues and future issues of all the amazing content in the digital mag. Definitely worth checking out!!

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The She Approach's Guide to Making Pinterest Possible

7.  Making Pinterest Possible

Pinterest marketing is kind of huge right now! For bloggers, business owners online and offline, product-based businesses, service businesses, affiliate marketing …

And not only is it effective, but it can also be a whole lot of FUN!! Because who doesn’t love an excuse to spend time on Pinterest?!

Depending on the type of business you’re running, there’s a very good chance that Pinterest marketing would work beautifully for your biz as a way of growing traffic to your site, selling your products and services, and growing your email list.

And if you want to know where to learn Pinterest marketing, this comprehensive ebook guide from Ana at The She Approach, Making Pinterest Possible, is a fantastic place to start.

Making Pinterest Possible is a great, affordable resource for bloggers and biz owners. And if you use the discount code “TSA5OFF” at checkout, you’ll get a great $5USD discount off the $35USD price!


8.  Canva

What a fantastic free tool Canva is for bloggers and business owners to create beautifully designed graphics for print and online media.

And not even just for business really! (My son recently used Canva to create an awesome resume and I’m encouraging my daughter to get in also check it out for her uni design work.)

I’ve been using Canva a LOT lately to create images for my website, for Facebook posts and for Pinterest. It’s so easy to use, and almost as much fun as Pinterest!! And if you do get stuck – or need inspiration on what to create – a quick Pinterest or YouTube search should come up with some great Canva tutorials for you to follow.

PS. You can check out a few of the images I’ve created with Canva for Pinterest here, here and here.

Creative Market

9.  Creative Market

Creative Market is my favourite marketplace to search for all things graphic design-y for my biz and other creative projects. And to be honest, I know I haven’t even skimmed the surface of what’s available in there!

I love searching in Creative Market for gorgeous fonts, patterned papers, textures and web elements for blog and website design.

It’s also a great place to find stock photos, social media templates, blog design kits, blog themes, branding kits (like this awesome watercolour branding kit I bought a few months back!) and SO much more. And affordable too!

And it’s definitely worth getting on the Creative Market email list, so you’ll get notified of their weekly freebies and special offers.

Glambition Radio Podcast - Ali Brown

If you’re looking for a fantastic podcast for women entrepreneurs, Glambition Radio is one of my favourites!

Over the years, I’ve learned a LOT of great biz wisdom from Ali Brown. (It was actually one of Ali’s articles that inspired me to write my ebook.) And every episode of Glambition Radio is an opportunity to learn more not just from Ali herself but also from the amazing women that she interviews for the show.

If you need an inspirational podcast to encourage and motivate you towards achieving your own biz goals and dreams … Glambition Radio is definitely worth putting on your playlist!

30+ Awesome Resources For Your Dream Biz & Life

So there you have it!
Ten of my all-time favourite business resources – ideal for bloggers, female entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs!) and online business women.

You’ll find more of my favourite resources, for both biz AND life, in my FREE resource guide, 30+ Awesome Resources for Your Dream Biz & Life. (If you’d like a copy, you can click here to subscribe and I’ll send that out to you straight away.)

And let me know what you think once you’ve checked out any of these resources that are relevant to you and where you’re at in biz and life right now. I’d love to hear what you find helpful, or what questions you might have about these or other resources.

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