Permission to Do, Say, Be, Have & Want … Everything You Dream Of!

Throughout the course of my life, I’ve heard so many messages that in one way or another have held me back:

“You can’t DO that!”
“You can’t SAY that!”
“You can’t BE that!”
“You can’t HAVE that!”
And “No,” … (this one really sucks!) … “You can’t even WANT that!”

There were times that the rebel in me said, “I want it. I’ll have it. Watch me!”
But there were also plenty of times (particularly during those worn down years of my marriage) that I didn’t have the energy – or the necessary belief in myself – to try.

And even when that rebel in me did take control and start moving towards everything I wanted to be, do or have, too many times the doubts and fears would eventually win, proving all those voices right.

“Who are you to even think that you might deserve … Happiness, Joy, Contentment, Peace, Fulfillment, Financial Security, and all the rest (insert all Good Things here!)”

And so my own feelings of undeservingness, reinforced by the repeated “Can’t” messages, have kept me SO many times from moving forward. Not in an obvious way either. Just in that quiet (mostly silent) way that our subconscious has of allowing us to sabotage us so often when we do try to take action.

Entrepreneurship … the fastest path to personal growth!

Maybe you’ve heard the idea before that entrepreneurship and self-employment is the fastest path to personal growth?

I absolutely believe that to be true!

Everything about my business journey over the last several years has been about me wanting more: wanting to BE more, DO more, SAY more, and HAVE more.

But to do that, I have to be willing to GROW more!

You know how much I love this online space?!
It’s a space that is filled with women (and men) who are constantly growing.

What I see when I visit websites, read blog posts, listen to podcasts, and show up on Facebook, is a world of entrepreneurs who have given themselves permission to move beyond the expectations and limitations that we’ve grown up with and experienced throughout our lives.

I see so many women and men who have moved from (or are in some stage of the process) “You can’t do this!” or “You can’t HAVE this!” to “Watch me! I’m DOING this!!!”

But I also see a lot of struggle.

And I don’t just SEE the struggle, I’ve experienced that for myself, and continue to. (Because, as my teenage kids would say, “The struggle is real!!!”)

Growth is hard.
Moving past our subconscious limitations is SO hard.
Getting clear on what we really want to BE, DO, SAY and HAVE is hard.
Creating something that never existed before is hard.
Showing up and sharing what we create … oh, wow, that can be REALLY hard!!

Those voices – the messages from our past (and maybe even our present too) – can be loud. Or, worse, they can be completely silent, but still there, still holding us back from taking action and moving forward.

Permission …

Let’s give ourselves permission to quiet those voices, and to leave them behind. We can do that. We get to choose!

And let’s give ourselves permission to grow. We can absolutely do that!!

The possibilities for what we can create and for how we can serve others are endless.

Let’s share our knowledge and inspire each other, so that we can all move from a place of “I can’t have that!” or “I can’t even WANT that!” to a better place …

To:  “I’m doing, saying, being, having and wanting everything I dreamed of …
and even more than I ever imagined was possible for me!!!”

Resources to inspire (and teach) you on your biz journey:


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