Why Following Our Dreams Matters

The post I’ve shared below was first published on my blog, The Inspired Notebook, a few years back now.  (See the original post here.)

Every word is still true for me. It’s just my life circumstances that have changed a LOT since then – in all the very best ways! Although, admittedly, not without some major detours off this path of pursuing what matters to me and doing work I love.

My mindset has changed over these past few years too (definitely a work in progress!). Because back then, I still felt that I had to fight for the right to pursue my dreams and to spend my time doing work I loved. Now … I know it’s not about having to ‘fight’ for it. It’s just about choosing it.

I choose every day to keep following my dreams!

And I choose to be inspired by SO many amazing women, like Tererai Trent (who I wrote about in this post), Marie Forleo, and Carrie Green, who have followed their dreams and are now helping other women do the same.

And so the post I’ve shared below is a little of my story, and a lot about why I believe it’s so important to do all we can to pursue our dreams …


A few weeks ago it was pointed out to me that when I talk about my blog and business, I’m transformed.

It wasn’t the first time either that someone’s thought to mention it. I’ve had similar conversations at least three times in the past year.

This particular conversation went a lot like this:

Him:   “Do you realize what just happened to you when you started talking about your business?”

Me:   “I know. I light up!!”

Him:   “So you know it’s happening?”

Me:   “Yeah, I know. I can’t help it. I love it!!”

Last year, at the height of my pain and the anxiety that went with it, my doctor suggested that my business ideas should wait a few years, “until your children are older”. (My three beautiful kids are between eleven and fifteen – so we’re not talking about babies here either!!)

I already knew at that point that my biz for me is where there’s a gorgeous spark, and that it’s a spark that can either be fanned into a flame, or extinguished.

Depending on the choice I make in moments like these.

Fortunately, it was easy for me not to take the doctor’s comment on board. She doesn’t know me well. That was my first visit in a few years (as well as helping my productivity, my morning green smoothies are keeping me very healthy!), and she somehow neglected in that brief visit to see just how much working on – and talking about! – my business means to me.

Something else that this doctor didn’t know was that I’d already put my dreams on hold for close to five years, while I worked with my hubby in his publishing business, focusing my time and energy there.

And so, after holding so tightly to my dreams for so many years, now that I’m on the path, I have no intention of giving up or holding off again on pursuing my business dreams.

It’s not always easy, you probably know that already! And yes, it can get messy. Juggling so many ‘To-Do’s’ and the expectations we place on ourselves… to have it all done yesterday!

But I won’t give up, because when I’m talking about my biz, my smile gets big and my eyes light up. I’m totally excited and energised.

I love it, I really, really do!

It’s not just my own biz that I love either! Talking business – both online and offline – with other biz owners (and dreamers!) is something I love to do.

Sharing resources and ideas with others who are pursuing their passions… it’s like a little piece of Heaven to me!

These are the things I’m passionate about.

What lights you up? What are your dreams?

What about you?

What is it that makes you light up?

What is it that you dream of doing?

Is there something that you’re so passionate about, that you long to share – with your friends, your family, your community…?

Maybe yours is a big dream, huge… Do you long to share it in a bigger way… online? …with the world?

What is it that when you talk about it, and dream about it, makes your eyes light up, your smile grow bigger, and your heart fill with possibility?

Are you doing it yet?

If you’re not… why not?

Maybe you’re afraid? Or maybe you feel like you just don’t have the time… (you should know that’s a feeling that will probably never go away!!)

Maybe you wonder, as I have at times, if it’s not right to be dreaming so big when there’s washing to be done and dishes in the sink.

Maybe you wonder if right now, at this time in your life, you should just be working on being ‘Mum’, wife and domestic goddess (or even just a ‘good enough’ housewife!!)

I believe that you’ll know when the time is right to wholeheartedly pursue your dreams.

When I wonder if this is the path I should be pursuing right now, I think of those people who’ve told me that my eyes light up when I speak about my blog, books and business.

I remember the day my 10 year old son said to me: “You’re really good at this Mum. You’re so good at the books, and what you do.”

I think of the day recently when I told my sister-in-law that I was going to put all my books on ebay because I don’t have time now to maintain my bookshop. And she told me how sad that was because she knows that the books are the thing I love and really enjoy doing.

I even imagine (briefly!) what my life, my days would be like if I spent more time doing ironing and dishes and put my dreams on hold “until the kids were a bit older”. I imagine how depressed I’d be.

And I think of all the friends I’ve made and people I’ve met on this journey, both in real life and online, who have dreams and long to share them.

I think of all the books, the ideas, the resources that are available to inspire, encourage and provide us with the information we need to move forward in our journeys. These are the things I want to share with you to help you be successful in living your dreams.

Because I believe that whatever it is that makes your eyes light up, and your heart fill with possibility… you should pursue it!

Yes, there may be times when you need to put your dream on hold. But those are times when you need to hold on to your dream and let it grow, believing that your time will come… and soon.

And then, there’s the time when it’s right to pursue your dream with your whole heart.

Trust yourself. Trust that you’ll know when it’s your time.

What it is that you’re passionate about? And where are you right now on the path of following your dreams? I’d love to hear more, so share a comment …

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